Step 2: Submit Project Information

Step 2: Submit Project Information

After setting up your account in H2LOans, the next step is to submit your project information. When you call the I-Bank to create your H2LOans account, a program representative can walk you through the process of entering you program information in H2LOans. You should enter your complete project information into the H2LOans system during the pre-planning phase of project development.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Project Sponsor (Applicant)
  • Project Name
  • Project Location
  • Project Type
  • Project Description
  • Project Costs (it's just an estimate at this point)!
  • Date funding is sought for project
  • Date construction is to commence on project
  • Borrower population served by the project
  • Service area description for the project
  • Median Annual Household Income
  • Water quality-based need for the project

You will also be asked to respond to the following questions:

  • Will the engineering design be performed by a firm whose services secured pursuant to a publicly advertised procurement process?
  • If funding is being sought for a prior project that was funded with one or more Water Bank loans, provide that project number
  • Is the project site in a State Endorsement or State Center Designation?
  • Is the project in a designated Brownfields Development Area?
  • Is the project in a designated Transit Village?
  • Is the Project located in or benefiting areas designated as TDR Receiving Areas?
  • Does the project incorporate a Stormwater Runoff Point or Non-Point Source Control that is intended to benefit the ecological health of the Barnegat Bay?
  • Are there any Local Environmental Enhancement Planning Activities associated with the project? These may include:
  1. Watershed-Based Implementation Plans
  2. Implementation of Regional Stormwater Management Plans
  3. Sustainable Community Planning
  • Is this project limited to the acquisition of eligible equipment (and associated costs?) These may include:
  1. Street sweepers
  2. Generators
  3. Sewer flushing and cleaning equipment
  4. Dump trucks
  5. Crawler loaders
  6. Skimmer boats
  7. Aquatic weed harvesters
  8. Outfall netting may be financed under the NJEIFP
  • Will this eligible equipment acquisition require the construction of a concrete pad or building to house it?



  • For new applicants or complex projects, Water Bank staff recommend participating in a Pre-Planning Meeting after completing project information in H2Loans, but before you design the project in order to learn about the program and approvals required. The PrePlanning Meeting is open to applicants and their advisors, as well as relevant state and federal agencies that may be providing permits or funding. For projects with stormwater components a review by the DEP-Division of Water Quality Stormwater Management unit may be required.

Meeting requests are made through H2Loans and Water Bank staff will review this option when establishing your first project.

Step 2: Submit Project Information